The Order 817 Wiki + PRIMA

The Order 817 Wiki

The story of The HAND and the Angels is not complete. We have plans to build upon this secondary narrative art piece using a fully decentralized wiki. Thanks to Solana’s low gas fees, we are able to put total ownership of the wiki into the hands of the Angel NFT holders.

Angel NFTs will passively produce PRIMA, a token that can be burned to make edits and contributions to the Order 817 Wiki & shape the shared canon. NFT holders are incentivized to invest their PRIMA in the best writers and editors, and the team is excited to read the stories that arise.

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The Order 817 Wiki is based on 3 principles:


Wiki projects tend to become corrupted by an entrenched editorial bureaucracy that shuts down the best and most productive contributors, leading to stagnation.

By replacing bureaucracy with blockchain, Order 817 ensures that anyone can shape the world of Aeternum and the lore of the Angels, and the best contributions will rise to the top.

We believe that blockchain technology is the only way to keep any community narrative project free of corruption and censorship.

Incentive alignment

In existing narrative projects, only a few IP owners at the top benefit from everyone’s contributions. Because contributing to the Order 817 wiki is tied to PRIMA, contributors benefit directly from their work. By making the shared narrative more engaging, you increase the value of your Angel and PRIMA. We believe this will alleviate burnout and make Order 817 the highest quality collaborative narrative ever written.

Rewarding creators and curators

We like to say that Order 817 is a “Create to Earn” project. With blockchain technology, we can eliminate the middlemen that dominate creative projects and ensure that editors are rewarded directly for their contributions.

Governance & PRIMA

PRIMA is an SPL token that serves as the lifeblood of the Order 817 Wiki.

PRIMA can be burned to create pages and edit content. By making edits costly, we strongly incentivize edits that create value. No more spam!

Essentially, PRIMA represents “voting power” over the Wiki’s content, and by extension, the narrative canon.

Accumulating PRIMA

Angels: We want ultimate control of the Order 817 project to rest with the community. That’s why PRIMA is tied to Angel ownership.

Tipping: Aside from holding Angel NFTs, creators and editors will be able to receive tips in the form of PRIMA. Tipping isn’t charity, it’s an investment in the future of the Wiki’s quality.

Roadmap plans

Nov 21: Wiki pages for each Angel, owned by the NFT holder

We’d like to deploy an editable page for biographical information about each Angel, and give holders the ability to authenticate with their wallet in order to edit the page for their Angel.

January 2022: Full wiki experience

Using proceeds from the mint, we would like to grow the team in order to deliver a fully functional MVP of the Order 817 Wiki by the end of January 2022. The existing team is made up of several professional full-stack engineers and we feel confident about this timeline.

In the meantime, we plan to conduct outreach with writers and editors so that the Wiki enjoys an explosive and exciting start.


We see the Order 817 Wiki project as an experiment that is both technologically and conceptually novel. Feature development will arise from usage and community feedback, and failure is an option. We’re excited to see the directions in which the project grows.

Thank you so much for your support bringing Order 817 to life. We’ve REALLY loved watching the community’s enthusiasm for the artwork and lore that we’ve been working hard to make. I’m really excited to announce our plans for the Wiki, please let us know what you think!

Our pre-sale is on October 29.

Please stay tuned on Twitter, and stop by our Discord!